jeudi 15 octobre 2009

I've been away

De Le Cinq, Briffard

Thank you to all readers who complained about the lack of posting during the summer. I could tell you that I've been busy with other things, personal activities, new projects for you readers, and that I haven't been eating out quite as much, and that would all be true.
But there's a more important reason -- I am moving away from writing blog posts about one meal, and the main reason (besides pure laziness) is that I feel that most meals are not worthy of a blog post. It's not that reporting is not useful. It is and this is why I have been updating my Picasa regularly. For most meals and for most places, a photo album with some comments will tell you all there is to know. Additional information can easily be added in those comments -- say comments about service, location, etc.
So for those of you restaurants hunters, I'd direct you to the Picasa gallery and the maps, which I update everytime I had a meal worthy of reporting. I'll have more products for you soon. I'm trying to keep the blog for firmer, less anedoctal considerations. I'm always responding to emails and on Chowhound (as Souphie) so that should take care of it. It will be either general considerations about restaurants, like I did last time in "Dead Chefs Society" and will do again soon, or reports about one restaurant, but there again only when I feel that there is a story to tell (you know, apart from "yum" or "eow"), and also when I have been to that restaurant enough times so that I am pretty sure about what I have to say.

De Tom's, Brooklyn

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Gaetano a dit…

Yahoo happy to see you're back with us.

ulterior epicure a dit…

Welcome back. I missed you!